Passenger: I Hate


Een grappig liedje van Passenger over alles waar hij boos van wordt. Sommige dingen zijn best herkenbaar. 

And I hate them magazines, aimed at insecure teens,
They make ten year olds chase to grow up.
"Hey kids lets be anorexic", or better, eat chocolate 'til you throw up
Keep your Hollywood stars, in their stupid cars,
And the botox, that makes them looked fucked.
Just grow old with grace, have you seen Cher's face?
It looks like it's been hit by a truck


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max - Donderdag 11 juli 2013 23:29
Love passenger vooral zijn nummer holes is mooi :)
Lotusje - Zaterdag 13 juli 2013 10:04
Dit nummer live is echt geweldig!
G. - Dinsdag 23 juli 2013 23:26
Me ;) - Zaterdag 15 maart 2014 19:43
Omg geweldig!